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   Mr. Joaquín Andrés Sánchez, Head of Internationalization Department, Chamber of Commerce of Castellón

 Web 3.0 and NFTS, the global digital r-evolution

   Mr. David Calduch, International Expert in Digital Culture Change Management at Soluciona Fácil and Founder of Ssi Social Selling Institute, Professor Postgraduate International Metaverse and NFTs.

   Mr. Alejandro Hernandez, Founder of Agendia de Marketing Digital and NFts Vivatopia

Colloquium and Closing Ceremony.

Webinar - Cámara Castellón / IVACE Internacional | Online Session

SMEs and self-employed of the Valencian Community who want to consolidate their presence in international markets.

The digital world continues to evolve and leaps a new environment called web 3.0, where new opportunities such as NFTS appear.

In this webinar, we will understand clearly what these new technologies are and what they imply, what business options they offer, and real practical examples of how to apply these technologies in companies in internationalization processes.